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Unformatted text preview: 4/20/11 LEARNING D ISABILITIES WHAT D O Y OU A LREADY KNOW? Kim Palombo EDSP 470 April 20, 2011 DEFINITIONS Specific Learning Disability: …means a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or wriUen, that may manifest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathemaVcal calculaVons. The term includes such condiVons as perceptual disabiliVes, brain injury, minimal brain dysfuncVon, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. The term does not include learning problems that are primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor disabiliVes; of mental retardaVon; of emoVonal disturbance; or of environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantage. IDEA, 2004 SPECIFIC TYPES OF LEARNING DISABILITIES dyslexia dysgraphia dyscalculia 1 4/20/11 IDENTIFICATION IDENTIFICATION Discrepancy Model Response to IntervenVon What i s s he d oing? EVIDENCE ­ BASED PRACTICE ( EBP ) READING DISABILITY 2 4/20/11 STUDY THESE FOR A FEW MINUTES… DECODING Passage: We pegin our qrib eq a faziliar blace , a poqy like yours enq zine . Iq conqains a hunqraq qrillion calls qheq work qogaqhys py qasign . Enq wiqhin each one of qhese zany calls, each one qheq hes QNA, Qhe QNA coqe is axecqly qhe saze , a zess ­broquceq rasuze . So qhe coqe in each call is iqanqical , a razarkaple puq veliq claiz . Qhis zeans qheq qhe calls are nearly alike, puq noq axecqly qhe saze . Qake , for insqence , qhe calls of qhe inqasqines ; qheq qhey're viqal is cysqainly blain. Now qhink apouq qhe way you woulq qhink if qhose calls wyse qhe calls in your prain . TranslaVon Key: When you see Pronounce as q d or t z m p b b p ys er a, as in bat e, as in pet e, as in pet a, as in bat TranslaVon Key: When you see Pronounce as q d or t z m p b b p ys er a, as in bat e, as in pet e, as in pet a, as in bat COMPREHENSION 3 4/20/11 DO YOU KNOW THESE WORDS? are if relaVon between isolated set consists known table corresponding making with conVnuously only vary curve ogen values draws one variables graph points variaVon DO YOU KNOW THESE WORDS? slerny greps tresk chifed boofed t repping s trezzle g laped t unning HOW ABOUT NOW? If the known relaVon between the variables consists of a table of corresponding values, the graph consists of only the corresponding set of isolated points. If the variables are known to vary conVnuously, one ogen draws a curve to show the variaVon. Michaelson (1945). Basic College Math HOW ABOUT NOW? Last Slerny, Flingedobe and Pribin were in the Nerd ­Link treppering gloopy caples and cleaning b urly greps. Suddenly, a diiUy strezzle boofed into Flingetrobe s tresk. Pribin glaped and glaped. Oh, that Flingedobe, he chifed, that dirty strezzle is tunning your grep! Rick Lavoie, 1989 4 4/20/11  S ignificant i ncrease f or g uided pracVce o f n ew s kills i n m eaningful contexts  A mple o pportunity f or g uided pracVce o f n ew s kills i n m eaningful contexts  A ppropriate l evels o f s caffolding a s students l earn n ew s kills EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES  S ystemaVc a nd e xplicit i nstrucVon on d eficit c omponent s kills LEARNING D ISABILITIES: Q & A THREE TYPES WHAT D O Y OU K NOW?: AD/ HD  P redominantly inaUenVve t ype  P redominantly hyperacVve/ impulsive t ype  C ombined t ype DSM ­IV ­TR, 2000 5 4/20/11  D ifficulVes w ith M athemaVcs  D ifficulVes w ith O rganizaVon and T ime M anagement COMMON STRUGGLES  R eading D ifficulVes  W riVng D ifficulVes LET’S T RY A N A CTIVITY hUp:// / wgbh / misunderstood minds / aUenVon.html AD/ HD : Q & A RESOURCES 6 ...
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