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Unformatted text preview: Unified Engineering Fluids Problems F2 Spring 2004 F2a. Use Profili or Xfoil to compute the “exact” inviscid cl (�) curves for the following airfoils, over the range � = 0� . . . 10� : 1) NACA 0010 2) NACA 0020 Also determine c� (�) using thin airfoil theory for: 3) Zero-camber airfoil Plot all three curves superimposed. Are the panel results and thin airfoil theory results consistent? Explain. F2b. Use Profili or Xfoil to compute the following three polars for the NACA 0010 airfoil, for � = 0� . . . 14� : 1) Inviscid 2) Viscous at Re = 106 3) Viscous at Re = 105 Plot the c� (cd ) drag p olars and the c� (�) curves overlaid, and comment on the validity of the inviscid approximation. ...
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