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Lecture F2 Mud: Hydrostatics (42 respondents) 1. Is C p in Fluids related to the c p in Thermo, such as in U = c p T ? (1 student) This is a notation cooincidence. They are completely unrelated. 2. How do p , V , etc. all relate? What’s static and dynamic p? (3 students) See the Lab-7 Lecture Notes and Mud. 3. Why does area vary as size 2 ? (1 student) This is just a matter of geometry. I both the length and width double, then the product length × width quadruples. C 4. Not clear what C p really is. It’s not intuitive. (4 students) p is one example of a dimensionless quantity , which we always seek when analyzing physical situations. C L is another example. These dimensionless quantities are always the most general and simplest way to describe and quantify a problem. For example, a full-size airplane and a wind tunnel model at the same angle of attack will have different pressures and lifts, but their C p ’s and C L ’s will be the same if only a few conditions are met, such as
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