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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2004 Unified Engineering Fluids Problems F3–F4 F3+F4. A symmetric airfoil has a trailing edge flap, with the hinge at xh /c = 0.75, with the flap set at some small downward deflection angle ∂ . a) Define and sketch the camberline-slope dZ/dx, both versus x and versus α . b) Use Thin Airfoil Theory to determine the airfoil’s c� and cm,c/4 , as functions of � and ∂ . c) Important quantities for an airplane-control designer are the flap control derivatives �c� �∂ , � cm,c/4 �∂ Determine these for the present flapped airfoil. Note: You may wish to check your results with Xfoil. The GDES menu allows you to set a flap deflection. ...
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