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1 University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health HLTH106: Drug Use and Abuse Instructor: Ms. Allison Bayley OFFICE HOURS Office/Phone: SPH 2364 / 301-405-8729 Email: abayley@umd.edu By appointment Semester: Fall 2011 Classroom/Time: Teaching Assistant: SPH1312/ Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:45pm Bina Ali, binaali@umd.edu Required Textbook Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior, 14 th Edition, by Hart and Ksir ISBN: 13 9780073380902 Course Description An interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary drug issues and problems. The course will examine physiological, social, philosophical, historical, legal and health aspects of drug use and abuse. Special attention will be focused on those general motivations for drug use that attend life on the college campus. Course Objectives Upon completing this course, the student will be able to: 1. Identify and describe a wide variety of psychoactive drugs. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of the symptoms of abuse and dependence. 3. Describe physiological mechanisms of drug actions on the body. 4. Describe physical, social, and emotional consequences of drug use and abuse. 5. Describe prevention efforts and interventions for drug problems. 6. Identify and summarize substance use issues in the media. Course Policies Students are required to do the readings as assigned in the syllabus. Because some lecture material is not included in the text book, it is important that students attend class regularly. Instructor lecture power points will only be made available to students for a limited number of topics. If you are absent, be sure to contact another student in the class to obtain a copy of the missed lecture notes. Absence Policy: In accordance with university policy, if you are absent for a single lecture due to illness or some form of personal or family emergency, this absence will be considered “excused” and the instructor will accept a note from you, attesting to the date of the illness/incident, along with an acknowledgement that the information is true. Whenever feasible, you should contact the instructor in advance. Multiple or prolonged absences, and absences that prevent attendance at a major scheduled grading
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HLTH106_Syllabus - University of Maryland College Park...

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