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Lecture F07 Mud: Elliptical Lift Distribution 1. How do you solve for ( y ) ? (1 student) We will look at that in the next few lectures. 2. Is there an intuitive way to tell if downwash will be constant? (1 student) Downwash is uniform only if ( y ) is elliptical. Any other ( y ) will give a nonuniform downwash. R R 3. Why did you integrate 0 instead of ? (1 student) 0 R b/ 2 The starting point was the integral b/ 2 . In the trig substitution y , we have R b/ 2 ± and b/ 2 0. Hence the integral becomes 0 . I then switched the limits by changing sign. 0 = 0 4. How is AR = S/b 2 ? (1 student) Aspect ratio is actually deFned by AR = b 2 /S . I might have written it
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Unformatted text preview: flipped over, don’t remember. 5. What exactly is the pro±le drag coefficient? (1 student) This is the drag caused by the action of viscosity, and is associated with viscous wall shear stress and boundary layers. ProFle drag is all there is in steady 2-D flows. In 3-D flows, an induced drag appears which simply adds to the proFle drag. 6. No mud (12 students)...
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