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Unformatted text preview: Lecture F08 Mud: Wing Geometry, Wing Design 1. For what airfoils is ( y ) = 1 − (2 y/b ) 2 valid? What is ? (1 student) ( y ) is defined for the whole wing, not an airfoil. In a design problem, you can pick ( y ) to be whatever you want. 2. How did you decide on the elliptic wing shape for Choice 1? (1 student) I didn’t pick the wing shape for Choice 1. I picked a constant c , and the elliptic wing was a result. 3. How would you do the design if you wanted c ( y ) to have a specific shape? (1 student) Just do it. Specify the c ( y ) you want. If you already picked a load distribution with ( y ), you then have enough info to determine c and geom ( y ). 4. What are geom and aero ? (1 student) See the figure in the notes. They both describe the wing twist, but aero also includes the zero-lift angle L =0 . 5. How do and aero differ? (1 student) See the figure. is the angle of the freestream velocity relative to the reference line, and is one number for the whole wing....
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