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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2004 Unified Engineering Fluids Problems F8 F8. A wing is to have an elliptic circulation distribution. �(y ) = �0 � 2y 1− b � �2 The planform is to b e a straight taper, with root and tip chords defined in terms of the average chord cavg and the taper ratio r = ct /cr . cr = cavg 2 1+r ct = cavg 2r 1+r a) Define the chord distribution c(y ) in terms of cavg and r . Assuming cavg /b = 0.125, draw the planforms for r = 0.75, 0.5, 0.25. b) Determine the spanwise c� (y ) distribution, and plot for r = 0.75, 0.5, 0.25. Note: Only the shape of the c� (y ) curve is of interest. All scaling constants like �0 , cavg , etc. can b e set to unity for plotting purposes. c) Local stall is obviously undesirable. If the airfoil is the same across the span, which taper ratio appears to b e most attractive for the purpose of giving the largest stall margin everywhere on the wing? ...
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