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Unformatted text preview: Lecture F9 Mud: Momentum Theorem Applications (30 respondents) 1. What does p n dA physically represent? (1 student) The net force that the pressure distribution applies to the control volume. 2. Why is momentum ow added to the pressure force to get the total force? (3 students) I wouldnt phrase it that way. One way to write the governing relation is: p vector V nV dA n dA R = vector vector n dA ) plus internal body force ( R ) that are Or in words: The pressure force ( p vector applied to the volume are balanced by a net momentum ow out of the volume V nV dA ). ( vector vector 3. What is p n ? (1 student) p n is the local pressure force on the control volume boundary. p n is just the x-component of this force. 4. Explain the wing-above-ground example better? (3 students) If you put the left, right, and top control volume boundaries far from the wing, only the pressure along the bottom...
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