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Lecture F10 Mud: Aircraft Performance Analysis 1. Is there some way to calculate D o or does it have to be determined experi- mentally? (1 student) For fairly simple fuselage shapes there are a number of drag estimation techniques. One of the best drag handbooks is Fluid Dynamic Drag by Hoerner. But the open- framework fuselage of the Dragonfly is terribly complicated, and measuring its D o (or its drag area C D oS o to be more precise) is the only reliable way to do it. 2. Coupling of the variable is unclear. (1 student) The coupling between variables is case-dependent. On a stubby-wing jet ±ghter, the % weight penalty of increasing aspect ratio is far smaller than on a long-winged
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Unformatted text preview: transport airplane. Determining what couplings are important is a matter of generating data for the design problem at hand, whether by analysis, experiment, experience, or historical research. 3. In the PRS, why did the t old /t new calculation have 1 . 06 3 / 2 rather than just 1 . 06 ? (1 student) The 1 . 06 factor was for the weight W , which in the formula appears as W 3 / 2 . So any scaling applied to W must get the same 3 / 2 exponent....
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