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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2004 Unified Engineering Fluids Problems F20 F20. A small jet engine is to operate in a test facility which consists of a large air reservoir, exhausting through a duct of area A holding the engine. A throat of area At is behind the engine. a) The engine is to b e tested at M = 0.6. What must be the ratio At /A so that this test Mach number is achieved even if pe is near vacuum? Will this test Mach number change as the tank gradually empties? b) If pr = 5 × 105 Pa and Tr = 300K� , what is the minimum pe needed to ensure proper operation at M = 0.6 in a) above? c) The throat is now set at At = 0.9A, and we still have pr = 5 × 105 Pa and Tr = 300K� . What must pe b e set to so that a normal shock appears in the straight section downstream of the throat? What is the static temperature just behind the shock? large reservoir pe pr Tr A At A ...
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