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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Cambridge, MA 02139 16.01/16.02 Unified Engineering I, II Fall 2003 Problem Set #1 Name: Due Date: 9/9/03 Problems: U1, T1 Time Spent (min) U1 T1 Study Time Announcements:
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UNIFIED ENGINEERING Fall 2003 Ian A. Waitz Problem T1. (Unified Thermodynamics) Below is a schematic diagram of a helium-pressurized, bipropellant rocket engine system (for the fourth stage of the Peacekeeper ballistic missile). Describe the conversions of energy (internal, potential, kinetic and chemical) and exchanges of heat and work for this system and that of the rocket itself. Note at which points in the process heat is transferred to/from the surroundings. (LO#1, LO#2, LO#3) R R R R helium tank tank tank Y P Y P High presure Pressure switch Helium fill/vent Regulator Relief valve Pressure transducer (12) Isolation valve (5) Nitrogen tetroxide Monomethyl- hydrazine Fill valve (3) and filters (2) Roll (R) thrusters with control valves (4) Pitch (P) and Yaw (Y) thrusters with control valves (4)
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