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IST 352 Class 3 Notes

IST 352 Class 3 Notes - o Gmail Application service...

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IST 352 Class 3 Notes 1/26/12 - Systems Analyst- should have a savvy background in technology as well as business. - Apps- transformed itself into everything. Refers to Application Software and Systems Software o Application Software- All the software that is actually used to run the organization and its processes (our world) (end user applications) o Systems Software- any software used for managing hardware resources (Hw Resources) - Cloud Service (Application Service Provider)- EX: Gmail. Payroll (ADP Paycheck).
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Unformatted text preview: o Gmail- Application service provider o Payroll was first cloud application-Finn Model- Looks like Venn Diagram. o Left side: Application Functionality of the application 75% not using (paying for it and not using, taking up disk space) o Right Side: Requirements Business Requirements 75% o Middle is 25% -If you can find an 80% fit for an application that is very good o Most applications don’t have that 80%...
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