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Unformatted text preview: Course Survey Essay Question Responses 16.010/020 Unified Engineering I & II Other teaching and learning strategies used to deepen understanding and achieve the subject learning objectives. Participant Index 21 It would be really nice if notes could be published at the beginning of the semester and available through Copy Tech. That way, we'd all have all the notes in a nice, neat place, and it would make paper reference much easier. 23 The TAs and professor office hours are some of the best things about this course. It's nice to have such a huge support system for help. 43 The Computers sections is very rough. The material is taught to quickly and too much is expected of us. We are all supposed to be first time programers, but are not treated that way. The problems are very hard and take an exhorbent amount of time to complete and are often graded very stictly and harshly. Something must be done to correct this before the 2nd semmester. 63 TA Office Hours in the Unified Lounge are extremely effective. 65 Active Learning is effective for me 67 I loved the class! Its time consuming, and I am not sure if someone who is uncertain about course 16 should take it or not. The professors were awesome! Carl was awesome!! Other sources of students' monitoring and evaluating their progress in achieving learning objectives. Participant Index 8 About quizzes and exams - only somewhat effective because of time limit and unclear wording (signals test and materials test, specifically). 26 na 43 Often times, the quizes are far too long to be completed correctly. I am constantly rushing through every single unified test just to get it done in 50 minutes. This leads to small errors that seriously effect my grade and cause the test to inaccurately reflect my knowledge of the subject material. The tests must be shortened for the 2nd semmester. 65 Concept Questions in class I find to be very helpful 67 The systems labs were a lot of fun! 68 I feel that the grades acquired in the Computers class (Ada programming) are not reflective at all of how much I learnt or how much work I put into the class. Partial credit was very little and the simplest mistakes attracted the heaviest penalties. May be, an oral evaluation might be better at evaluating how much I learnt. The best parts of the subject. Participant Index 1 exciting subjects, like thermodynamics, and structures to some degree. 2 I really like the personalized feeling. I love the fact that the professors and TA's know (or at least try to Page 1 of 9 16.010/020 Unified Engineering I & II The best parts of the subject. Participant Index remember) my name. I love the way students work together and help each other learn the material. It's particularly nice that the class is not graded on a curve, so people don't become overly competitive....
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FT03SEFessay - Course Survey Essay Question Responses...

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