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learningobjectives - Unified — Fluid Dynamics Scope The...

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Unformatted text preview: Unified — Fluid Dynamics Scope The fluids material in UE is b egun at an introductory level, and assumes that most students will not have had a previous course in fluid dynamics at the university sophomore level. A few of the most important topics will be taken to a moderately advanced level, reflecting the fact that many of the UE students will not take another course in fluid dynamics during their MIT undergraduate program. Learning Objectives – Students in Unified will learn to: • Explain the physical properties of a fluid and their consequence on fluid flow, expressed in terms of Mach and Reynolds numbers • Understand the conservation principles of mass, momentum, and energy for fluid flow • Apply the basic applied-mathematical tools that support fluid dynamics • Create conceptual and quantitative models of inviscid, steady fluid flow over simple b odies (airfoils, wings) and in channels Measurable Outcomes – Students graduating from Unified will be able to: • Explain the basic concepts of aerodynamics to a high-school senior or non-technical p erson • Apply the conservation principles of mass, momentum, and energy to fluid flow systems with emphasis on aerodynamics • Model inviscid, steady fluid flow over simple aerodynamic shapes, and compute or estimate the associated forces and moments Assessment Strategy • Students’ self-assessment of understanding the course material, relative to the learning objectives • Retain copies of A, B, and C level performances on written assignments and quizzes ...
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