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Computers and Programming. Unified Fall 2003. I. K. Lundqvist Learning Objectives The learning objectives of Computers and Programming (CP) under the Unified umbrella are those of a “First Course” in CP. The learning objectives are also influenced by the fact that many Unified students may not take another course in CP during their undergraduate studies. Students who successfully pass CP should: Use the Ada programming language as an engineering tool in designing and implementing aerospace software systems. Develop a programming style that is accepted industry practice. Develop a basic understanding of computer architecture. Measurable Outcomes Fall term: 1. Describe program language evolution and classification (From Machine Language to 4 th Generation Languages) 2. Describe basic computer architecture (von Neumann, RISC vs CISC) 3. Solve basic numerical computation in binary/ other number representation systems. 4. Design and implement simple assembly language programs (SimpleSIM) 5. Describe the various classes of operating systems and the correlation to hardware
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