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Lecture C3: Ada: Files Response to 'Muddiest Part of the Lecture Cards' (15 respondents) 1) Are there standard conventions for the naming of files ? Yes there are some standard conventions. A file name is essential for both the OS and the user. Meaningful/friendly names of files make it easier for the user or program developer to manage and process large numbers of files quickly. The filename is composed of two parts, the name and its extension. The extension tells us what kind of file it is. In general we have two different kinds of files, executable (binary) files and ASCII files such as .txt. Filenames are usually limited in size and on what characters can exist in the file name. DOS has some of the most restrictive limitations for filenames; the rules have been relaxed for the 95 and NT generations of operating systems. A Windows filename can be up to 253 characters long (11 for DOS) and a filename character can be any one of 245 ASCII codes (52 (subset of the 245 ASCII codes) for DOS). UNIX file names can be upto 255 characters (with the exception of ‘/’ and ‘\0’). The Ada Style Guide says the following: http://www.iste.uni-stuttgart.de/ps/ada- doc/style_guide/sec_3a.html#3.2 2) What kind of files besides .txt can our compiler handle ? Our compiler can only handle .ada .adb and .ads files. It is possible to generate files of any name / contents. You can generate file names via the create command to be what you want them to be. If you want to generate output for e.g., a Microsoft Word document (file.doc) you can use: Ada.Text_Io.Create (File_Word,Ada. Text_Io.Out_File,
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m3 - Lecture C3 Ada Files Response to'Muddiest Part of the...

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