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Problem M9 A beam of length L and flexural rigidity EI is clamped at each end. The beam has a continuous load of magnitude q o applied along the beam. Using the “standard solutions” below, or by other means, solve for the reactions at A and C. q 0 C z A L Standard solutions for deflections of beams under commonly encountered loading
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Unformatted text preview: Configuration End slope End deflection, Central deflection, dw/dx (x=L) w(L) w(L/2) ML ML 2 EI 2 EI PL 2 PL 3 2 EI 3 EI q 0 L 3 q 0 L 4 6 EI 8 EI PL 2 PL 3 16 EI 48 EI q 0 L 3 q 0 L 4 24 EI 384 EI 2 Unified Engineering Spring 2004...
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