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Lab VI problem 1 - Lab 6 Problem 1 Introduction: The...

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Lab 6 Problem 1 Introduction: The purpose of the experiment done in lab VI problem 1 was to determine angular velocity of certain points located at different radius’s on a spinning disk. In the experiment there was an origin or axis of rotation in the center of the disk. A metal rod was adjusted and secured at different lengths around the spinning set up. Measuring the angular velocity at the different points and the different radiuses will be important in determining the velocity vectors. Theoretical: Above are vectors representing acceleration, velocity, and position The angular acceleration in this experiment should remain the same regardless of where the metal rod is placed along the spinning surface. Whether or not a point is located on the edge of the spinning bar or in the middle, the velocity of the bar remains the same. The linear velocity will change, however.
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Experimental: Below is a set up of the apparatus used in lab VI problem 1. The top bar and the disk below the bar both rotated about a fixed axis. A motion sensor 1 was placed to measure the speed of the metal road placed at a certain radius from the rotation axis. The disk below the top bar also had a motion sensor equipped to it. This motion sensor measured
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Lab VI problem 1 - Lab 6 Problem 1 Introduction: The...

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