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Unformatted text preview: M11 Concept Question 1 Given the torque-twist and torque-stress relationships (and the assumptions that we made to obtain them). Which of the following cross-sections would you expect to be best suited to creating the stiffest, strongest shaft for a given mass of material utilized? 1. A solid circular cross-section 2. A solid square cross-section 3. A hollow circular cross-section 4. A cruciform cross-section 5. A hollow square cross-section 6. Some other answer 7. I don't know/don't understand. M11 Concept Question 2 For the end-loaded, spring-supported rod shown on the board, which of the following statements are true? A: At a certain value of P2 the effective stiffness (i.e. P1=keff q) will become zero B: The forces and reactions acting on the rod will always remain in equilibrium, whatever the values of P1, P2 and k C: For a fixed value of P2 , at a certain value of P1 the rod will collapse 1. A only 2. B only 3. C only 4. A and B 5. B and C 6. A and C 7. A, B and C 8. None of them 9. I do not know/I do not understand. ...
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