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q4f - Unified Quiz 2F Name Unified Quiz 4F Put your name on...

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Unified Quiz 2F Name ________________ Unified Quiz 4F March 31, 2004 Put your name on each page of the exam. Read all questions carefully. Do all work for each problem on the two pages provided. Show intermediate results. Explain your work --- don’t just write equations. Partial credit will be given, but only when the intermediate results and explanations are clear. Please be neat. It will be easier to identify correct or partially correct responses when the response is neat. Show appropriate units with your final answers. Calculators and a 2-sided sheet of paper are allowed Box your final answers. Exam Scoring #1 ( 40 %) #2 ( 30%) #3 ( 30%) Total
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Unified Engineering Spring 2004 Fluids Quiz 2 Page 1/3 1. (40 %) Air flows at low speed in a duct of constant area A = 0 . 1 m 2 , through a resistive heater delivering Q ˙ = 5000W. The heater is a grid of very fine wires which have negligible frictional resistance. The upstream flow has T V 1 = 1 m / s 1 = 1 kg / m 3 1 = 250 K Also, c p = 1000 J / kg K everywhere.
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