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BUAD110 Fall, 2007 Exam 2 Study Guide Faculty/Guest Presentations Information Technology: Technological changes over time How technology is used in business and why it is important How information technology effects organizational change (e.g., power shifts) Business-focused IT jobs IT Management IS Vocabulary Accounting: Financial statements – Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement Analysis of information (short-term, medium-term, long term) Definitions (slides); Financial ratios Sarbanes-Oxley and its effect Merck and effect of Vioxx recall on financial statements (review Bitter Pill F) Finance: Focus on maximization of Shareholder Wealth Financial decision making (types of decisions, etc.) Basic areas of Finance – corporate, investments, financial institutions,
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Unformatted text preview: international finance, non-profits, public sector International Business: How different cultures give and receive information Steps in checking your cultural self-awareness and assumptions Inter-cultural competencies Key global differences in Europe/US/Asia Cultural differences in views of change and communication Book Chapters Chap. 3 International Business - definitions (also pages 59-70) Chap. Bonus B Information Technology – human resource issues, security issues, privacy issues, role of IT, definitions Chap. 17 Accounting – understanding key financial statements, definitions Chap. 19 Finance – pg. 484-494 only, role of finance, financial planning Career Planning – resumes and cover letters...
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