DailyHomeworkWeek5_Chapter3-part1of2(2011) - #5 FRENCH...

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FRENCH ELEMENTS I - 210.101 - FALL 2011 # 5 DAILY HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 5 (September 26-30, 2011) CHAPTER 3 in En Avant ! Homework to be COMPLETED before class on : Pages from your TEXTBOOK + Videos on CENTRO THEN complete your WORKBOOK on CENTRO Access Instructions on Syllabus Lundi 26 septembre Read Salut de Louisiane ! page 63 And watch the related video : Online Learning Center/Salut de … !/Salut de Louisiane. Pay particular attention to the second half of the clip (les Cadiens) : note 2 pieces of information about them + can you find one example of an EXCEPTION to the rule about the plural of words ending with – al ? Culture interactive : Lisons ! (Astérix & Obélix) : Avant de lire, Lecture, Après la Ecrivons ! : submit your online profile following the instructions. Mardi 27 septembre INDIVIDUAL 5-minute APPOINTMENTS Evaluation orale no. 1 : This 5-minute individual appointment with your instructor is meant to identify your personal difficulties in French pronunciation. Preparation :
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DailyHomeworkWeek5_Chapter3-part1of2(2011) - #5 FRENCH...

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