DailyHomeworkWeek9_Chapter5(part1of2)2011(1) - #9 FRENCH...

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FRENCH ELEMENTS I - 210.101 - FALL 2011 # 9 DAILY HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 9 (October 24-28, 2011) CHAPTER 5 (part 1 of 2) in En Avant ! Homework to be COMPLETED before class on : Pages from your TEXTBOOK + Videos on CENTRO (open « Communication en direct », then « chapter 5 ») THEN complete your WORKBOOK on CENTRO Lundi 24 octobre Corrections de l’examen partiel : Look up the answers on Blackboard (Quizzes&Mid-Term/Mid-Term/Answers) and make corrections to all your errors. On a separate sheet of paper that you will submit with your exam, either explain in your own words why you made each mistake or give the French rule corresponding to the mistake you made, using the textbook. Vocabulaire interactif : - Pages 134-135, try to learn about half of the vocabulary presented. - Read « Chez les Français » page 136 + « Chez les Français » page 137, 1st paragraph (les 4 repas = the 4 meals ) Grammaire interactive : - Read 5.1 « Il y a du sucre ? » page 140 Vocabulaire interactif : A. Qu’est-ce qu’on aime
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DailyHomeworkWeek9_Chapter5(part1of2)2011(1) - #9 FRENCH...

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