DailyHomeworkWeek11_Chapter6(part1of2)2011 - 11 FRENCH...

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FRENCH ELEMENTS I - 210.101 - FALL 2011 # 11 DAILY HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 11 (November 7-11, 2011) CHAPTER 6 (part 1 of 2) in En Avant ! Please follow this program of homework carefully, so that you don’t fall behind ! Get started over the weekend to give yourself time to absorb the new vocabulary. We will not spend much time on chapter 6 in class (our meetings on Friday, November 11 are cancelled due to the Futures Seminars of our department.) Homework to be COMPLETED before class on : Pages from your TEXTBOOK + Videos on CENTRO (open « Communication en direct », then « chapter 5 ») THEN complete your WORKBOOK on CENTRO Lundi 7 novembre Communication en direct : vidéo 1. - Browse page 162 and get acquainted with expressions of opinion - Watch Video 1 (Centro/Communication en direct/Chapter6/ « Qu’est-ce que tu penses de… ? ») - Complete Activity A « A l’écran » page 162 (choose if each person interviewed likes tattoos and piercings or not.) - Then prepare Activity B page 163 for an in-class activity on
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DailyHomeworkWeek11_Chapter6(part1of2)2011 - 11 FRENCH...

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