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FALL SEMESTER 2011 Course Coordinator: Claude Guillemard Dept of German and Romance Languages & Literatures Email: [email protected] Gilman 401 Phone: 410-516-6041 410-516-7226 Office hours: W 1:30–3:30pm [email protected] in Gilman 444 FRENCH ELEMENTS I — Fall 2011 Welcome to French Elements 210.101! The first semester of this year-long course is intended for true beginners and students who received a score below 230 on the online placement test called Webcape ( ) Please note that successful completion of both fall and spring terms is required to validate the 4 credits of the first semester. It is an intensive beginner course that provides students with the basic elements of the French language in a communicative and multi-media approach. It requires a minimum of 8 hours of work outside of class and daily practice! Your Section and Instructor Your Section and Instructor Class section time: MWF ___________ in Gilman 186 + T 10:30-11:20 in Remsen 101 Instructor’s name: __________________________ and e-mail: ___________________________ Office hours and location: _________________________________________________________ Course Objectives Course Objectives By the end of the semester, students will: 1. develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French;
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2. learn strategies to communicate effectively with cultural appropriateness; 3. use the basic grammatical structures of the French language; 4. receive some understanding of French and Francophone cultures. Textbook + Online Access Textbook + Online Access EN AVANT! , by Anderson, Golato, & Blatty, 2012 (hardcover) + access to the online workbook powered by Quia. YOU HAVE 2 OPTIONS: 1/ Package “Textbook + online access (workbook)” ISBN-10: 0077513649 or ISBN-13 2/ 2 components separately: textbook alone = ISBN-10:  0073535435 or  ISBN-13:  978-0073535432  + book key to access the workbook online ($50.50.) See Instructions for this accesss page 8 of this syllabus, “Centro – Registration Instructions.” Course Website Course Website Blackboard course website: Select AS.210.101.01.FA11 French Elements I (all sections have been merged into section 01 to access the same website.) This website centralizes all documents/communications/links for the entire course. Once officially registered for the course, you have automatic access to it using the link above. If you are not registered yet, please contact the coordinator ( [email protected] ) with your JHED: she will enter you in the system. The blackboard website includes links to:
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FINALrev.FALL2011-Syllabus210.101 - FALL SEMESTER 2011 Dept...

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