DailyHomeworkWeek1_Chapter1(2011) - FRENCH ELEMENTS I...

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FRENCH ELEMENTS I - 210.101 - FALL 2011 DAILY HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 1 : CHAPTER 1 in En Avant ! This document is accessible on the Blackboard course website: 1. Go to http://blackboard.jhu.edu [ user ID = JHED Login ID + password] 2. Open the course AS.210.101.01 French Elements I (all sections have been merged to access the same website.) 3. Open: Daily Homework and then Chapter 1 IMPORTANT: You need to be officially registered in French Elements I (Fall 2011) to have access to this site. If you are not registered yet, please contact Claude Guillemard ([email protected]) ASAP to give her your JHED ID: she will enter your name into the system. ALL homework to be completed BEFORE class on : Pages from your TEXTBOOK + Videos on CENTRO (open “Communications en direct”, chapter 1) Then complete your WORKBOOK on CENTRO Access Instructions on Syllabus Tuesday, August 30 (Mardi 30 août) Communication en direct : * Watch vidéo 1 and read « Bonjour/Salut » pages 2-3 * Watch video 2 and read « Tu t’appelles
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DailyHomeworkWeek1_Chapter1(2011) - FRENCH ELEMENTS I...

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