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EvaluationOrale2-Preparation2011 - FRENCH ELEMENTS I...

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FRENCH ELEMENTS I – 210.101 Automne 2011 How to prepare for your ORAL EVALUATION 2 (Friday, December 2, 2011 – sign up for a time during class hour) The second oral evaluation will take 5 minutes per student. It will take place during your regular hour on the last day of class in your classroom (Gilman 186.) It will consist of a few prepared questions you will have to answer (see part 1) and your reading of a short paragraph or poem practiced during the semester (see part 2.) Part 1 = QUESTIONS : Look at the list of questions below and prepare an answer for each of them orally . Within what you have learned this semester, try to make your answers as complex as possible: Show off your extended vocabulary, use correct conjugations as well as appropriate articles and prepositions. USE YOUR TEXTBOOK for accurate sentences! We will only have time to ask you 3 or 4 of them. 1. Les nombres: - Quel est votre/ton numéro de téléphone? (pages 10-11) ou - Quelle est votre/ta date de naissance ( date of birth) ? (page 13 + 104) ou - Quelle heure est-il? A quelle heure est-ce que vous avez votre cours de français le
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