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FRENCH ELEMENTS I - 210.101 - FALL 2011 En Avant ! , chapitre 1, semaine 1 Revised HOMEWORK FOR Friday, Sept. 2 Pages from your TEXTBOOK + Videos on CENTRO (open “Communications en direct”, chapter 1) Then complete your WORKBOOK on CENTRO Access Instructions on Syllabus ALL homework to be completed BEFORE class : Friday, Sept. 2 (Vendredi 2 septembre) Communication en direct : * Watch video 3 and read « Comment vas-tu ?/Comment ça va ?/Comment allez-vous ? » pages 6-7 * Watch video 4 and read « Salut !/Au revoir ! » pages 7- 8 V ocabulaire interactif: * Learn « les nombres » page 10 : from 0 to 69 * read page 11 « les numéros de téléphone » Grammaire interactive : * read « Une salle de classe » pages 14-15 Analysons ! * read the chart under « Un crayon, deux crayons» page 17 and answer the questions in « Analysons ! »
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Unformatted text preview: * read the text under ┬ź Nous sommes ├ętudiants ┬╗ page 19 and answer the questions in ┬ź Analysons ! ┬╗ Communication en direct : B V ocabulaire interactif: Les nombres : A + B Au calendrier : A Grammaire interactive : Une salle de classe : A, B & C Do not fall behind: the pace is going to pick up fast! Review regularly: go over the online exercises again and listen to their audio recordings. Repeat each word or sentence you hear to reproduce the French intonation as well as you can. This regular practice will go a long way towards your fluency in French. The program for Week 2 will be posted on Blackboard on Friday afternoon, under ÔÇťSyllabus/Daily HomeworkÔÇŁ. The first quiz at the end of chapter 1 will be on MONDAY, September 12 (instead of Friday, Sept. 9.)...
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