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11-3 notes - Jimmy Smith • Organ virtuoso Famous Duo –...

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Monk Known as the original bebop pianist An important pianist in the bebop era, but he played completely different House pianist at Minton’s with Parker and Gillespie Mental illness and drugs Nellie his wife – always takes care of him Arrested with Bud Powel for drugs Lives with the Baroness Highly unorthodox techniques Fingers held out flat Signature for minor ninths in high register
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Unformatted text preview: Jimmy Smith • Organ virtuoso Famous Duo – Jimmy Smith and We Montgomery • Swinging, bluesy guitar/organ and drums • Jimmy Smith plays the bass with his LH Charles Mingus • Writes compositions that reflect both the black church and the musical avant-garde, often with political overtones • Dies from Lou Gehring’s disease • Virtuoso bassist...
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