AH200-Section-Syllabus2012 - ARTH 200 Art and Society in...

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ARTH 200: Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean Spring 2012 Professor Louise Martinez TA: Lara Langer [email protected] Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:20 a.m. Art/Soc 2203 Sections: Friday (0101) 9:00-9:50 a.m. Art/Soc 3211 Wednesday (0105) 9:00-9:50 a.m. Art/Soc 3211 Office Hours: Friday 10:00-11:00 a.m. Art/Soc 4302 Wednesday 10:00-11:00 a.m. Art/Soc 4302 Important Dates: Thursday, January 26 First Day of Lecture Wed/Fri February 15/17 Quiz 1 Tuesday, February 28 Exam 1 Wed/Fri March 14/16 Quiz 2 Wednesday, March 21 NO CLASS Friday, March 23 NO CLASS Wed/Fri April 4/6 Quiz 3 Thursday, March 29 Paper Due Wednesday, April, 11 Final Day to Drop with a “W Thursday, April 12 Exam 2 Wed/Fri April 25/27 Quiz 4 Monday, May 14 Final Exam (8:00-10:00 a.m. in Art/Soc 2203) Required Text: Marilyn Stokstad and Michael Cothren, Art History , Prentice Hall, 4th edition, 2011, vol. 1 Grading: Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 20% Discussion Section 20% Participation (10%) Quizzes (10%) Paper 20% Academic Integrity: The University of Maryland, College Park has a nationally recognized Code of Academic Integrity, administered by the Student Honor Council. This Code sets standards for academic integrity at Maryland for all undergraduate and graduate students. As a student you are responsible for upholding these standards for
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This note was uploaded on 01/29/2012 for the course ARTH 200 taught by Professor Venit during the Spring '08 term at Maryland.

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AH200-Section-Syllabus2012 - ARTH 200 Art and Society in...

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