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PERIOD NAMES AND DATE S AND VOCABULARY TERMS NOTE: BCE (Before the Common Era) replaces the earlier designation BC (Before Christ) in dates. CE (Common Era) replaces AD ( Anno Domini --year of the Lord). The bracket dates given below are only approximate, rounded up or down for regularity. Chapter 2 EARLY MESOPOTAMIAN c. 3500-1750 BCE LATER MESOPOTAMIAN c. 1000-500 BCE Cuneiform; ziggurat; sculpture-in-the-round (or: free-standing sculpture); votive sculpture; relief sculpture; hollow casting ("lost wax"); stele; hieratic (or: hierarchic) scale; groundline and register; artistic conventions; Nanna; Shamash; lamassu Chapter 3 EGYPTIAN EARLY DYNASTIC c. 3000-2600 BCE EGYPTIAN OLD KINGDOM c. 2600-2200 BCE EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM c. 1500-1100 BCE palette; canon of proportions; hieratic (or: hierarchic) scale; twisted perspective; Horus; necropolis; mastaba; step-pyramid; ka; pyramid; valley temple; papyrus; pylon; hypostyle hall; post and lintel construction; clerestory; sarcophagus; Book of the Dead Chapter 5 GREEK GEOMETRIC c. 900-700 BCE GREEK ARCHAIC c. 600-500 BCE GREEK CLASSICAL c. 500-300BCE
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