SYL 200 SPRING '12

SYL 200 SPRING'12 - Art History200 Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean 1 University of Maryland Spring 2012/Rm

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Art History   200 Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean University of Maryland, Spring 2012/Rm. 2203, Art/Soc (ASY); Tu., Th., 9:30-10:20 "The past isn't dead. It isn't even past." William Faulkner INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Louise Martinez IMPORTANT DATES : Office: 4214 Art/Soc Tues., Feb. 28--Exam 1 E-mail: [email protected] Thurs., March 29--Paper Office Hours: 11-12, 2-3, Tue., Thu. Thurs., April 12--Exam 2 (other times by appt.) Mon., May 14--Final Exam, 8 am TEACHING ASSISTANTS and sections : (office: Art/Soc) Sophia Lee sect. 0104, Fri., 10:00, rm. 3219 [email protected] sect. 0103, Fri., 11:00, rm. 3216 Lara Langer sect. 0105, Wed., 9:00, rm. 3211 [email protected] sect. 0101, Fri., 9:00, rm. 3211 Michael Vetter sect. 0106, Mon., 9:00, rm. 3207 [email protected] sect. 0102, Wed., 10:00, rm. 3211 CONTENT and LEARNING OUTCOMES : We will survey sculpture, architecture, and painting from the ancient Mediterranean to the European Middle Ages. At the conclusion of this course students will: be familiar with a range of historical monuments in their cultural, religious and social contexts; be familiar with period styles as well as materials and techniques; have developed analytical visual skills that they applied in various classroom exercises as well as in an analytical and comparative paper. COURSE REQUIREMENTS : 1. Section--20% of semester grade--based on grades of section quizzes, consistent engagement with discussions in section, meeting deadlines for section assignments. 2. Three Exams (Feb. 28, April 12, May 14)--20% each (60% total) of semester grade--exams will consist of identifications of images by title/date/location, and may also include definitions of vocabulary, image comparisons, essays (short or long), or unknown images. The images for exams will be selected from the illustrations in your text that have been shown in lecture or section. Images used in the lectures will be posted periodically to the class website. One week before each exam I will post the images you need to know for that exam. If you miss an exam due to illness or emergency, please notify your TA and provide documentation in order to arrange a make-up exam. 3. Paper (March 29)--20% of semester grade—The paper topic and guidelines are posted on the website. A late paper will have 5 points deducted from its earned grade for every day late, unless you have notified us immediately of the emergency that prevents you from handing in work. A paper is considered late if it has not been received by 11:30 am on the day it is due. Do not email papers. TEXTBOOK : Marilyn Stokstad and Michael Cothren, Art History , Prentice Hall, 4 th edition, 2011, vol. 1 (paperback). This is available in the Stamp Union bookstore in two book formats (one more expensive than the other; the less
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SYL 200 SPRING'12 - Art History200 Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean 1 University of Maryland Spring 2012/Rm

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