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105 Fall 2011_sylword v2-1 - BSCI 105: Principles of...

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BSCI 105: Principles of Biology I Fall Semester, 2011 Lecturer Prof. Judd O. Nelson 3110 Plant Sciences Bldg. Telephone: 301-405-3919 or [email protected] for appointment The course Web site may be found at https://elms.umd.edu The Mastering Biology site is www.masteringbiology.com Code: MBNELSON91817 Laboratory Coordinator Dr. Michael Keller 1222 H. J. Patterson Telephone: 301-405-7569, [email protected] for appointment Course Objectives Χ To introduce the basic principles and properties that characterize living organisms Χ To provide a framework to understand how biological systems function Χ To stimulate active inquiry and critical analysis in a laboratory environment Χ To apply principles, techniques, and methods of data analysis to experimental problems Textbooks Reece, Jane B., Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, and Robert B. Jackson. 2011. Cambell Biology, with Mastering Biology, Benjamin Cummings ISBN 978-0-3-2155814-5 Keller, Michael,andLanford, P. ed. 2010. BSCI105 Introduction to Experimental Biology Laboratory Manual, Hayden-McNeil, ISBN-13:978-0-73803401- 0 Lectures Χ Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in H.J. Patterson, Room 0226. Lectures start PROMPTLY at 10:00 and continue UNTIL 10:50!! Χ Smoking, eating, drinking or using a cell phone are not permitted in the lecture or the laboratory. For your own safety, shoes must be worn in laboratories. Χ IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTE ANY CHANGES IN THE SYLLABUS OR OTHER INFORMATION ANNOUNCED IN LECTURE 1
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LectureExaminations: See the schedule starting on page 5 of this syllabus for lecture examination dates and page 4 for make-up examination dates. The 4 lecture exams will be worth 100 points each. The final exam will cover the entire course. It will be worth 100 points . The lecture exams will consist of multiple answer-multiple choice and short essay questions. Each multiple answer-multiple choice question is worth 5 points and short essay question is worth 10 points. The exam questions will emphasize (1) the material covered in lecture, and (2) your ability to make functional links between seemingly disparate sets of information. Examinations must be taken at the scheduled time unless a valid documented excuse (e.g., religious holiday, illness, death in the family) is presented. Please refer to the current edition of the Schedule of Classes or the Undergraduate Catalog for the University’s policies on make-up exams. Make-up exams for the lecture will consist entirely of short essay questions . See the make-up exam schedule (page 4) for the dates and locations. Make-up exams are given during regular lecture hours (thus to take a make-up you must miss a lecture). You must contact Prof. Nelson within
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105 Fall 2011_sylword v2-1 - BSCI 105: Principles of...

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