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Chapter 4: Middle America Questions 1. Define “archipelago”. An island chain 2. What ancient civilization is the only one to have arisen in the lowland tropics? Mayans 3. What was the name of the Spanish conqueror who helped ignite the rebellion that ended up overthrowing the Aztec rulers? Cortez 4. What crop did the United States introduce for plantation agriculture along the coastal areas of mainland Central America? Bananas 5. In terms of the type of crops produced, what is the difference between a hacienda and a plantation? Hacienda- multiple crops; plantation- growing for commercial export 6. Which three islands make up the “A-B-C” islands of the Netherlands Antilles? Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao 7. When is Mexico’s population estimated to stop growing according to current trends in fertility rates? 2050 8. Using Figure 4-7 on page 218, Mexico’s oilfields are located near what body of water? Gulf of mexico (bay of Campeche) 9. What issue was at the heart of Mexico’s revolution of 1910? Redistribution of land 10. Define “maquiladoras”. Factories located often near U.S borders; help boost Mexico’s economy by exporting. 11. Ten years after NAFTA’s start, maquiladora-based industries in Mexico have lost hundreds of factories (and, therefore, jobs) to what area of the world due to cheaper labor costs? Asia 12. Coffee is the prominent commercial crop in which altitudinal zone (Use Figure 4-12 on p. 227)? Tierra Templada 13. Which coast in Central America has the higher population concentration? Pacific coast
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geog - Chapter 4 Middle America Questions 1 Define...

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