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art critique#1 - With this in mind I did not search for his...

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Lauren Lawson Patrick Fine Arts M/W 2:00 March 4, 2009 Art Critique #1 I recently observed an exhibit titled “Silent Dialogue” by Neal Wilson in the JCM building on campus. Although all of his artwork was compelling and intriguing, his painting, “Burning Tower”, caught my eye. He used warm and dark colors that created a very sinister, energetic vibe. The artist also creates one main focal point by using lines and the illusion of a light source to draw the audience’s eyes to the large, bulky object near the center of the canvas. Also, by using acrylics, Wilson was able to create a tangible texture on the piece that added to the vigorous vibe. The message in which the artist is trying to convey is unknown to me. When entering the exhibit I picked up a paper that was written by Neal Wilson and in it I read, “The completed art is not about the artist and the viewer, but the viewer and the art.”
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Unformatted text preview: With this in mind I did not search for his message behind the art but simply made a record of how the painting made me feel. When seeing the piece of art it made me feel scared, intimidated and vulnerable-as if I were in the painting. The lack of symmetry, chaos of shapes, and particular choice of color and texture gave Burning Tower a sense of life. It expressed, also, a mood or feeling rather than a specific message. Neal Wilson is a multi-talented artist and through his works of art sparks an array of emotions in the viewer that arent normally triggered. By particularly observing Burning Tower I was able to see the means in which he gives his work such energy- color, texture, linear perspective, illusion of a light source, and organization....
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art critique#1 - With this in mind I did not search for his...

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