SYLLABUS EDCI 243 Fall 2011

SYLLABUS EDCI 243 Fall 2011 - 1 The University of Maryland...

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1 The University of Maryland, College Park College of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction EDCI 243 Section 0201 Fall 2011: Tuesday, Thursday 12:30-1:45; Room 2136 Chemistry Literature, Mass Media, and Schooling: The Formation of Group and Individual Identity Course Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Melissa Landa Office: 2311 Benjamin Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30-1:00 and by appointment Email: [email protected] Course Overview This undergraduate course provides an introduction to literature written for children and adolescents (birth-secondary school) and the roles of literature, film, and schooling as conduits for social continuation or social transformation and for the depiction of hybrid identities. We will analyze a variety of texts using literary as well as social, cultural, political, and historic perspectives. The course emphasizes the interaction between reader and text and the personal meaning that is obtained. We will explore the concept of identity, examining our own multiple facets of identity as well as the identities of social groups. Throughout this exploration, we will analyze which groups of people are represented in literature and other texts and which groups are excluded. We will use these assessments to discuss the social and historic events surrounding the publication of certain books and the production of films. Course Objectives Discuss texts from a variety of genres and traditions Use literary criteria to discuss and evaluate children's and adolescents' literature Recognize authors and illustrators of classic and contemporary children's texts Understand and distinguish personal identity and social identity Understand the influence of Western literary traditions in American schools Think critically about representations of race, ethnicity, class, gender and/or sexuality in various texts, including film Understand the sociopolitical contexts surrounding selected titles Recognize the transformative power of literature and film Required Texts Posted on Blackboard in Course Reserves (except where a link is given) Agosto, D., Hughes-Hassell, S. & Gilmore-Clough, C. (2003). The all-white world of middle-school genre fiction: Surveying the field for multicultural protagonists. Children’s literature in education 34(4), 257- 275. Anderson, D. & Hamilton, M. (2005). Gender role stereotyping of parents in children’s picture books: The invisible father. Sex roles, 52 (3/4), 145-151.
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2 Cinderella. (1999). In M. Tatar (Ed.), The Classic fairytales: Texts, criticism (pp. 101-137). New York, NY: Norton. Ching, S. (2005). Multicultural children’s literature as an instrument of power. Language arts, 83(2), 128- 136. Collier, M. (2001). Through the looking glass: Harnessing the power of African American children’s
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SYLLABUS EDCI 243 Fall 2011 - 1 The University of Maryland...

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