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Chapter 29 Flashcards - Chapter 29 President John F Kennedy...

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Chapter 29 President John F. Kennedy: He came to Washington primed for action, promising that his “New Frontier” would get America moving again. Peace Corps: It embodied his call to public service in his inaugural address. Thousands of men and women agreed to devote 2 or more years to programs teaching English to Filipino schoolchildren or helping African villagers obtain adequate supplies of water. It was also a Cold War weapon intended to show developing countries of the so-called Third World that there was a better way than Communism. Alliance for Progress: in 1961, the president proposed a ‘ten-year plan for the Americas’ called the Alliance for Progress, a $20 billion partnership between the US and the republics of Latin America, to reverse the cycle of poverty and stimulate economic growth Space Program: Kennedy persuaded congress to increase funding for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Freedom Riders: The interracial Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) organized a series of ‘freedom rides’ in 1961 on interstate bus lines throughout the South. The aim was to call attention to blatant violation of recent Supreme Court rulings against segregation in interstate commerce. Birmingham: In April 1963, thousands of black demonstrators marched downtown to
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Chapter 29 Flashcards - Chapter 29 President John F Kennedy...

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