AFRICAN STUDY GUIDE - Van Sertima- Black presence in pre...

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V an Sertima - Black presence in pre Columbian America, linguistic evidence, cultural religious similarities, architectural botanical evidence, accounts of European. Racial Identity problem of the color line - basing on how they physically looked vs biology. Racial Identity- Ashley montagu= mans most dangerous myth. Stephen Jay Gould= modern plato- biological determinism, utility for groups in power, natural causes. Race/Modernity - racisum= pigmentation modern day sickness, democracy rise of prodistan reformation, nationalism 1 shifting empires 2 europe modern world catholic church. Anticentrisum – slavery colonisum 1 Spanish Portuguese 2 jews, musliums and Christians. Hannah Arenat- Need to invent explanations for exploration justify. Carent West - racism is a feature of institutions and structures that ensures one group of people have less access to resources both material. Acient vs Modern Slavery- Slavery empire, scale= slavery/slavery otterman empire, possibility of manumission= being set free, race= skin pigmentation as a basis for enslavement. Slavery & America - 1493- world in 2 halfs east Portugal west spain . Paternalism and Racism- racism grows out of paternalism, ancient roots, colonial America, kipling white mans burden. Conceptualizing Racial identity- Historical, avoid racial essentialism (Cornel West), relationship between oppression/resistance, command oppression. Clarence Thomas- first African to survive in Supreme Court, argued brown vs. education. Patricia Williams- national Alzheimer’s disease. Why did America turn to slave labor? 1. Indentured service 2. Sugar, coffee, tea, tobacco, rice, animal farming. After this was found, the needed people to work. What was the legal status of the first Africans who came to America- not slaves in legal sense, Indentured servants. Why the shift from indentured servitude to slavery?- 1. Conditions were challenging, many died and people heard back in Europe 2. By mind 1600 England economy boomed and people re-thinked moving 3. People who made journey they didn’t want to be a servant all their lives, Jamestown burned down “ bacon’s rebellion” because of the poor $ conditions, west country had to decide how to pull together. Towards slavery- Decline of people leaving Europe, $ opp in VA, caste system: 1 not white, will be there for life, EX George bush gets into yale, defusing and redirecting class conflict. Orlando Patterson- slavery & social death, natal allenation, social dealth- power and domination. Natal alienation- from birth no rights. Politics of language and representing slavery- language and power: white = purity Slavery and the US economy- slavery takes over indentured labor, slaver holding = elite shaped economy and political future, 1776 DuBois blind spot negros= only natural resource. Slavery in the US-
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AFRICAN STUDY GUIDE - Van Sertima- Black presence in pre...

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