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Black Expirence

Black Expirence - Takao Ozawa 1922 Japanese Business Man...

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Takao Ozawa 1922- Japanese Business Man- Naturalization Alien land acts Skin white Race should not mater in citizenship Not citizen- not Caucasian Bhagat Singh Thind South Asian Immigrant, US Army Vet Caucasian race? Not white- never said what white was, only said what it wasn’t Demise Of Reconstruction Lack of nation will; terrorism; Legal measures ;economic issues; assertion of states rights Civil War 1. Massive Distribution of Land 2. Integration into industrial labor force- transform US into one of the biggest industrial nation Economic Reasons- 1. Industrial Sector 2. Agricultural Sector 3. Civil War- World War I- 24 Million European immigrants- 90% blacks south 4. North Obsessed with fear of black labor South Labor Needs- DeBow’s Review- heavy depended on labor, proposal “ the south should turn to European migrants” but they weren’t’ interested Assertion of states rights- Rutgerford Gayes Vs. Samuel Tilden- Gayes could have been in office but the
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