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Black Transition After Midterm

Black Transition After Midterm - *WEB Dubois-The line and...

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*WEB Dubois- - The line and Legacy of WEB Dubois - Race and Modernity -First Systematic Studying African American Experience -Slave Trade -Philadelphia Negro -Black Reconstruction *Political Movements- -Anti-Lynching Campaign= Lynching , the practice of killing people by extrajudicial mob action, occurred in the United States chiefly from the late 18th century through the 1960s. -Desegregation Struggles -The modern Civil Rights Movement -Anti-Colonial Movements *David Leverning Lewis - Lewis is the author of the first academic biography of Martin Luther King, Jr., appearing less than two years after the subject's assassination - New Englander, Fisk University 88’ *DuBois Education -Attends Fisk- 1885 to 1888 then Harvard 1888- racism then Berlin 1892-1894 -European Experience= Elite education -Narrow Enlightenment Perspective (using religion to understand reason) -Power of reason -Politically engaging the public * Washington/ Dubois- -Initial agreement= complex relationship -Economic Cast= Can separate economy from three things -Black give up: Political Power/ Civil rights/ higher education -Concentrate on education, wealth, and conciliation with south -Political Climate= can economic progress be made? -Location of blame, White Terror/Civil Rights, Role of Education/ Talented 10 th ,Education/Ideology/Transformation. *Racist Ideological Climate- - Scientific Racism -Books = The mystery Solved: The Negro a Beast; The Leopard Spots by Thomas Dixon; The neighbor: The natural History of Human contacts by Shaler= blacks were inferior *DuBois - -Harlem renaissance/ intellectual cultural civil rights moments worker socialist movements= economic justice international movements= black unity across the board. -Two colleges, lead lawyer. “Souls of Black Folk”= audience broader, start a public conversation on issue of race.
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-Significant/Optimistic Work- Black place in US society. -Humanistic Approach- Humanity of black people. Wants bond between blacks and whites with mutual respect. -Title Significance- Non-Material One’s Core, Sensitive *Forethought - -Identifies the problem= haunt America if its not addressed, it is significant in us as a society, problem in the 20 th century is the problem of the color line, veil of separation. -If we are to move beyond the color line, whites need to understand misery of feeling. *Walt Whitman - “ If I reveal my soul, you will recognize… *Internationalism/Radicalism- - Tensions with NAACP -Editorial Independence= Crisis, thought they should have a black thought -Woodrow Wilson= Closing Ranks -Came blacks and were Lynched, Regrets supporting W Wilson *What factors contributed towards Dubois radicalism? -One, after world war 2 us aided Europe “Marshall Plan”. -Two, things were getting worse for black people. -Three, wanted his own editorial in the paper and reservations with Walter White.
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Black Transition After Midterm - *WEB Dubois-The line and...

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