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Blogger 1 - Blogger 1 In the Descartes reading we talked...

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Blogger 1 2/23/11 In the Descartes reading, we talked about how he explained how the mind exists, you just don’t see the actual image. Instead, you see the universal law that explains the way things is intended to be by god. This reminds me of the “American dream” theory. Everyone that lives in the United States is supposed to graduate high school, go to college, and get a high paying job. Then instantly you are supposed to get married and have kids. But sometimes things get in the way and it doesn’t work out that easily. Other factors have higher influences that lead you to not stick to the plan of the American Dream. Some people might not see it as someone else sees it. Relating this back to Descartes, the “universal law” would be the American dream. Blogger 2 3/7/11 During the past couple of classes, we have been watching the movie Frankenstein. There was once scene where the main character takes everything that he knows about modern technology and tries to put it ‘into’ a body. This relates straight to our topic about “bodies and technology”. Another scene that relates to our class theme would be in the beginning of the movie where the main character is in an open field right when lightening is about to hit. He sticks up metal rods so that the lightening strikes him. This to me symbolizes how the main character is thinking about the modern technology he has to work with, and how he can apply it to use on bodies.
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Blogger 1 - Blogger 1 In the Descartes reading we talked...

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