Cinderella - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope April 20, 2011...

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Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope April 20, 2011 Writing 105 Section 7 The many tales of Cinderella Now a days, ‘once upon a time’ has different stories that follow that infamous beginning to all fairy tales. This start to all stories has been to remarkable places in the hands of some very interesting authors. Growing up, we all had our favorite story that would be read to us at bedtime. It was something that made us escape from reality and into the world of happy endings. Which, when you think about what these fairy tales are really telling us, all events had to happen in order to get the outcome that we all expect. Cinderella in particular has had many versions produced, some of which are very distant from the original. She also is part of a large family of tales first analyzed by folklorists in the 19 th centry (Cullens 622). With versions like Cinderella by Charles Perrault , Ashputtle by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, and A Chinese Cinderella by Tuan Ch’eng-Shih out there in the world, it’s hard to tell which one is more or less like the one we have all come to love. However, when most of us first hear this story, we were not even old enough to understand the true meaning that was behind the pretty ball gowns and the prince charming. It is not surprising that modern criticism of “Cinderella” has been so strangely indifferent to the roll that Cinderella’s mother plays in the story (Panttaga 644). No matter how many different versions of Cinderella gets written, there are always going to be sure tell signs of how she gets pushed into her destiny with examples like sibling rivalry, the fathers roll, and then ending. One of the main key elements in all versions of Cinderella would be the rivalry between the siblings. Unlike the narratives favored by psychoanalysis, which are about maternal absence and disempowerment, this tale tells a story about a strong
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Cinderella - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope April 20, 2011...

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