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Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope April 18, 2011 Writing 105 Section 7 Questions #5 and #3 #5. The saying “hold my breath” in the sentence that Williams puts in it normally means that someone is anxious in a certain situation. Therefore the person is holding their breath. So I think what she meant was when Williams was in the chariot with her best white friend and the prince, she was not really feeling anything. She was calm cool and
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Unformatted text preview: collected. Where as most friends would have some sort of feeling of jealousy. #3. The one way that Cinderellas mother is similar to her stepmother is that they both have the same wants for their daughters. The Stepmother wants her own daughters to get married to the royal prince and so does Cinderellas mother. They also plot, scheme and win....
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