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Nicole Mazza ENG 160 January 28 th 2011 As I read Sontag’s article I realized that when I changed the word “art” to the word “literature” the relation of the two words started to show. Then, in Berger’s article, when I did the same thing, I noticed how it explained the relationship in the same way that I originally thought. Art is something that is clear-cut and in your face, the only task that is up to you is the way you interpret it. With literature, you almost create that art while reading it. You physically have to make the art in your head to the words that are described to you. A great example of this is when you read a book and then a movie comes out about that book.
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Unformatted text preview: Everyone always comments on how he or she thought a character looked or how he or she was surprised on how the movie ended. One way that we can apply this to the study of literature is seeing what other people all think about the words that they read and how they interpreted it. This way, we can all share ideas that others may have not thought about. I think a way this might change how we study literature would be dealing with the picture that we put in our minds. After reading both articles I think that I will be painting a more vivid picture in my head as I read things. I will also put the connection of art and literature together as I read....
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