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Nicole Mazza May 2, 2011 English 160 Section 4 James Gorham Keep your thumbs still when I’m talking to you The New York Times just came out with an article explaining what the newest fab is today, ignoring the people around you by focusing on your newest piece of technology. In this article, it is being said that nowadays, it is socially acceptable to be looking down on your modern piece of technology. This just means that you are not only with in the social norms but you are a wired well put together person. The author of this article, David Carr went down to the South by Southwest Interactive in Austin Texas. While he was there, he noticed that during presentations, mostly everybody was not even paying attention. They had their noses buried in a cell phone, computer, or tablet. A quote that I think relates to our class topic would be “Where other people saw freedom
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Unformatted text preview: from the desktop, from social convention, from the boring guy in front of them — Mr. Powers saw “a kind of imprisonment.” I think when Carr uses the word “imprisonment” he means that even though all these people are out of the offices for the weekend, they are still in a prison of modern technology, as we all are. It is to the point where we are ignoring the people around us and paying more attention to the digital world. A lot of psychologist say that most of our problems come with the fact that none of us are living in the now. In fact, most of us are living in the future. Because of technology, we are always distracted and not taking a look at the world that is happening around us. Our eyes are glued to the future, not the past....
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