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ENG paper 1 - Mazza 1 Nicole Mazza March 4, 2011 English...

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Mazza 1 Nicole Mazza March 4, 2011 English 160 Section 4 James Gorham Rene Descartes with a little bit of John Locke Rene Descartes came up with the “methodical doubt” which means that the mind perceives to trust that it exists. However, you don’t see the actual image, you see the universal law that explains the way things are intended to be by God. To apply this to a concept, one might related it to gay marriage. In our society, it is not a surprise when you see a couple and they are both males or females. However, in the bible, the way God intended it to be is that a man should marry a woman. But people now a days don’t necessarily see that. By defining what god wants is almost making sure that what your mind perceives is trusting that it exists. To go against what god wants is making certain that what you believe is what you want to perceive. Descartes then goes further with his thoughts discussing how the beauty of an object pertains to the one who originally constructed it. In the reading Discourse on Method Descartes states that when one person does something, like constructing a building, it is more beautiful then if the person got help from multiple people. With this being said, in today’s modern technology world, new inventions come out every day by people who were born to be geniuses. When one person discovers something great, not only does that person get more credit, but also the job comes out better. Descartes described this thought more in depth by saying that if one person years ago built a walkway and
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ENG paper 1 - Mazza 1 Nicole Mazza March 4, 2011 English...

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