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ENG Paper 2 - Mazza 1 Nicole Mazza April 8th 2011 English...

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Nicole Mazza April 8 th , 2011 English 160 section 4 James Gorham Douglas, lightening, and a not so normal society In the Narrative of the life Of Frederick Douglass, we learn that his mother was a black woman, he never really got to meet, who ended up dying. His father on the other hand was a white man who was friends with the owner of the farm that Douglass was a slave on when he was younger. Later on, he got traded to a city slave owner. In the city, slave owners tend to go easier on their slaves because they do not want surrounding neighbors seeing things. While in the city, the slave owner’s wife decided to take pity on Douglass and start to teach him to read. Her husband stopped this because he slaves should be kept ignorant because education opens their eyes to the life that they could have. Douglas then decided to learn how to read from boys all around him, which opened up his eyes to the cruelty of slavery. With this being said, even though slavery is illegal, there are many ways in which we are still enslaved by things in society. Through technologies, not only are our minds kept under slavery but also bodies. Just like the actual slaves, we don’t know anything different. Most of us either lived half our lives with out real technology making us not being able to remember how the simpler times were or had it right from the start of birth. Every day there is some new technology out there that is supposed to make our life easier, time spent better, and over all just more gadget filled. On top of that, there are people out there telling us how to look, talk, love, see, move and so on. So really, who’s
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ENG Paper 2 - Mazza 1 Nicole Mazza April 8th 2011 English...

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