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PSYCH Journal

PSYCH Journal - 100390320 Reflective Journal Part I Dr Mary...

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100390320 Reflective Journal Part I Dr. Mary Versteck March 16 th 2011 What virtues do you admire in others? In yourself? When you go to college, you meet an entire new set of people that you have never been exposed to before. It’s like a melting pot where the only thing you might have in common with someone is the fact that you chose the same school to attend for next four years of your life. Meeting my roommates for the first time, I went in with an open mind. Obviously we all had different upbringings, but the one thing that comes into play when living with people is their morals and trust, which is something I admire not only in myself but also in others. The one time morals and trust played a huge roll was when I went home for the first time and left all my belongings behind in a room with two complete strangers that I knew for only a couple weeks. My one roommate Sammy already was infatuated with my clothes and asked to borrow something every day. I finally put my foot down and told her that I preferred if she didn’t take my clothing; to which she agreed and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Coming back from enjoying my long weekend at home, as I was unpacking my things, I noticed that my clothes had a new smell to them. It turned out to be Sammy’s perfume that she drowns herself in everyday. Needless to say, was floored. I asked this girl nicely not to wear my clothes and the first time I go home, she just instantly thought that it was her queue to go through my closet like it was back Friday at Bloomingdales. Going into college, I expected more of people. I never realized that what I might think is morally correct one might disagree. It wasn’t up until this moment that I realized this. I’m not only going to be faced with people who have different morals at college, but for the rest of my life. At work, in my husband’s family, my own family, friends who I gain later in life, and just people I have to deal with in general. Until I got to college and was put into this position, I never realized how great my morals were. It made me more fortunate that my parents brought me up the way they did and it finally made sense that when they did something that I didn’t agree with or get why they were doing it, it was all to teach me great morals that I would carry on through out my life. With out getting thrown in the melting pot of college, my morals would of never shined through. I believe that you surround yourself with people who are just like you. In high school, you get to chose the friends that you have and you know their story like how they were brought up, what their parents are like and so on. But at college, you have
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absolutely no idea what anyone is like. You go in with a blindfold on. They could have famous
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PSYCH Journal - 100390320 Reflective Journal Part I Dr Mary...

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