Sythisis - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope March 13, 2011...

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Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope March 13, 2011 Writing 105 section 7 Obedience to Authority When I first got arrived to college, miserable was not the word to describe how I felt. I was four hours away from home, apart from my parents, living in a room smaller than my closet with people I did not know and trying not to cry every second that I was dealing with everything. To add onto the weight that was on my shoulders, somehow I thought it was a good idea to break up with my first boyfriend the night before I went to college. It’s like at every second of the day I had something new I was discovering to be upset about. I wanted out before I even got in. So, as the days went on and lead towards the weekend, I kept asking my parents if I could go home. On the ride up to Rhode Island while I was giving my parents the water works, I remember my mom saying “Nick, you are going to be fine! The train station is two minutes away from your school, you can come home whenever you would like.” Well, God should of just called her out for a sin right there because she was lying. It’s like the only word in their vocabulary became NO. So, as an upset lost teenager, I refused to talk to them. I turned the tables and said NO to them. I ignored their calls, texts, emails and skype requests. After about one week, I finally came to my senses. I can’t really live with out talking to my parents, so I cracked and dialed my home phone number. It was the first time I refused to talk to my parents let alone go against what they were saying. I have always been someone who did everything their parents asked of them with out any question. But my thinking was, I’m four hours away from them and I can do whatever I want even if that includes not picking up my phone. The ironic part to this entire fiasco is about a week and a half after this all happened, I ended up spilling soup on my phone! It didn’t work for days and I had to wait until the phone company could send me a new phone. Needless to say I learned my lesson from this experience. Sometimes when you are in the heat of the moment, nothing seems right. I didn’t see that my parents were trying to help me out and not hurt me.
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Sythisis - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope March 13, 2011...

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